Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February = Spirituality

Now that the sickness has mostly cleared our house, I have time to blog again. It's better late then never. :)

I'm not sure why I decided to add this one so soon on the rotation. I think my reasoning was to get myself motivated to find a church. We have (maybe mostly me) been dragging our feet finding one. So this month the top priority is to find a church. Which shouldn't be too hard since I'm an equal opportunity religious person. I don't believe their is one TRUE church. The hardest part is finding one that will suit all of our needs. With five people in the family that can be difficult. 

We tried Roswell Presbyterian Church. It was a beautiful huge church. The bigger boys loved it. Who wouldn't when they have a air hockey table in your classroom. :) The now five year old wasn't keen on going to a class alone. So he came with me and super sexy husband.  Mistake!!! The now five year old does not have an indoor voice. He was bored out of his skull despite the church bag (bag full of activities) I brought to keep him occupied. I spent most of my time in the lobby. No one said hi to us, it was huge and very daunting. I quickly ruled it out. I'm looking for a bit smaller. 

I think this Sunday we are going to try the church where the now five year old goes to preschool. He should be fine going to class on his own. Half of his class goes to the church so he will have friends there.  I've heard great things. Look out Northbrook United Methodist Church the Pierce's are coming. :)

My goals for this month are 

  • Find a church
  • Have some sort of Bible study/worship in the mornings
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Read some books on spirituality and religion
  • Figure out what and who I want to be spiritually
  • Random Acts of Kindness at least once a week
Find a church is pretty explanatory.

The next three are all go together. I would like to spend time reading my bible more and having some kind of worship in the morning before I start my day. Which also blends into keeping the gratitude journal. I want to make that part of my daily routine. I think I need to remember the positives I have in my life. 

Figuring out what and who I want to be is probably the biggest thing I need to decide.  I grew up Seventh Day Adventist. I'm not sure that fits me, but I don't know if anything else does. My core is wrapped so tightly with Adventism that I find walking into a Sunday church almost as an act against God. I can feel my skin prickle waiting for the lightning to strike :) I feel safe in the routines of the Adventist Church but I'm not sure if it's comfort or belief that keeps me coming back.  I'm so complicated.  I really should have a church of Erin :) Since I don't believe that Adventist are the only way I can get to Heaven I'm open to finding a church that will work for us. 

I want to preform random acts of kindness at least once a week. I want helping people to be part of my religion of Erin. 

That's this month in a nutshell.  

I'm still making bread and using less processed food.  Life is good.  Have a great day!