Monday, January 16, 2012

I caved and bought bread

Yes I caved! My children needed something to put their jelly on. The sandwich bread needs a little work. Don't get me wrong it's super yummy. The one problem is the crust. The book recommend that you didn't wrap the bread because it would get too mushy. Instead we followed the directions and put the bread cut part down on a non porous surface. We did and the crust got even harder. So the next day I put it in a bread bag I had on hand. By the afternoon the bread had soften, Yay! Next day we all had it for toast. It made wonderful toast. The boys do not think it is wonderful for sandwiches. The bread book has a couple more sandwich bread recipes so I'll be making more dough this week and testing them out. If that doesn't work I'll be hunting on the internet  :)

We made two french loaves to go with dinner tonight. Just pulled the dough out of the fridge and presto! It was a little more involved than that but not by much. I can't stress enough how easy this has been.

I'm not only making bread but I'm making ice cream!!! I had found a great dark chocolate ice cream that had only the basics and it was delicious. I can't find it anywhere anymore :(  I bought my self a ice cream machine. I've made chocolate ice cream twice and both times it was fantastic.

As for my other goals....

The biggest change I've noticed so far is I'm drinking more water. I'm making an effort to make sure I have my straw cup with me at all times. I'm bringing it with me in the car more. I'm trying to order water with my meals. I'm more conscious about it now than I was ever before.

Ten o'clock bedtime is getting closer to ten :)  I did order my sleeping homeopathic meds. I had stopped using them hoping to save money and that maybe I didn't need them any more. They should be here this week. I'm looking forward to sleeping. I hope they still work.

Tomorrow I promised my super sexy husband that I would get up at 6:45 and see the bigger boys off to school. I might go back to bed. I didn't promise I would stay awake.

With the holidays I got off the green smoothie wagon. I'm going to ask super sexy husband to make some before bed so I have them in the morning. Yes, he makes them. He's better at it then I am :P

I'm making more meals at home. I'm starting to go the extra step and make all my food from scratch. It might be a little more work but it tastes so much better in the end.

I'm aslo working on our home goal. Our home goal is To simplify our possessions and organize our house by March 2012. I decided to eat the frog and start with our bedroom. I'm making headway. I can see the floor and walk with out tripping. It's taking a bit of time since I want to go through everything and minimize. I've taken 2 boxes to Goodwill and I have two more to go this week.

My goals for this week are....

  • Continue to drink more water
  • Wake up at 6:45 am 
  • Make breakfast muffins 
  • Go to bed by 10:00 pm
  • Make more sandwich dough.  Try to find something the kids will like.  
  • Make homemade cheeze-it's 
  • Read Organized Simplicity
  • Take boxes to Goodwill
  • Continue to clean, purge, and organize bedroom
  • Oh...and maybe exercise - guess I better find that Wii Fit


  1. Great plan for the week. Love all the books you're utilizing. Thanks for sharing! Don't you just love cleaning/purging?

  2. I am enjoying the purging. It's also helping me not to bring stuff into the house.