Sunday, January 22, 2012

The week I did nothing on my list.

This week was a bust for meeting my goals.

I did manage to go to bed early a couple of nights and I woke up early 2 out of 5 school mornings. Wednesday morning I had to get up and out of bed by 6 am. Super sexy husband was off on a business trip and I was PIC (Parent In Charge) I thought about having the kids play "wookie" (it's what son #2 used to call playing hooky) but decided I'd be responsible. Darn responsibility!!! Friday I decided to reward my great job earlier in the week and slept in till the now 5 year old had to go to school.

I didn't make bread, dough, breakfast muffins, or cheeze-it's. I bought all the stuff to make them. :) I'll just have to do them this week. I'm okay with that.

We really lack good Mexican food here in Georgia. Let me just state for the record. Nacho Cheese sauce should stay far far away from Mexican food. It doesn't belong. I definitely don't need my enchilada swimming in a pool of it. That said, we had company coming over for dinner last night and we decided we would make enchilada casserole, mexican rice, black beans and a salad. I made Mexican rice from scratch last night for the 1st time!!! It was really good :) I also put dried black beans in the crock pot with onions, spices and chicken broth. Super sexy husband who has been super supportive with my crazy bought corn tortillas that had basic ingredients!  Yay!!! Only thing I didn't make was the enchilada sauce. I'm feeling more confidant and I'll definitely try it next time. Dinner was a success and I used less processed food.  Score!

I'm still drinking more and more water everyday. I'm remembering to bring water with me when I go out. When we eat out I order water 9 out of 10 times (okay, 7 out of 10 times).

I've decided to give up caffeine and booze. I drank my last Half Caf Pod. I'm now on decaf :( I know, I know, but I was drinking too much caffeine. It was making me not feel so good. So I pulled the plug. I had to give up booze because I either get a headache or I have crazy insomnia.  It's just not worth it.

Even though I didn't do all the things I wanted to do this week, I'm still happy with the progress I've made. I'm more conscious about the choices I make with food. I'm adding new things to my Happiness Project for this month. I'm excited by the on going process this has been.

My goals for this week.  Yes I did cut and paste last weeks list  :P

  • Continue to drink more water
  • Wake up at 6:45 am 
  • Make breakfast muffins 
  • Go to bed by 10:00 pm
  • Make more sandwich dough.  Try to find something the kids will like.  
  • Make homemade cheeze-it's 
  • Read Organized Simplicity
  • Take boxes to Goodwill
  • Continue to clean, purge, and organize bedroom
  • Oh...and maybe exercise - guess I better find that Wii Fit (I found the Wii Fit!!!)  


  1. Great job on the Mexican dinner, and on being responsible. Sometimes the list just has to wait, especially when you're PIC all week. :)

  2. Hey it all sounds great to me. You've got to do what works for you with your busy schedule. I have made enchilada sauce and love it more than the canned. I bet your guests loved dinner. Interested i the cheeze-its!

  3. I will make the sauce next time. I just didn't want to add too many new things to my list. Plus experimenting on new friends is a bad plan :) I promise to take pictures of the cheeze-its :)